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If you are in the business of selling marine vessel such as boats and ships, from having a proper storage facility for your stock is highly beneficial. boat racking services allow you to pile as many vessels as possible to save both space and time spent in unloading. This article provides insights on the materials and designs you can use to make a functional warehouse facility for boats and ships.

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Why boat racks are important

Once boats have been brought in at the warehouse, it is ideal to have a safe holding place before selling them to customers. Racks are known to broaden the storage capacity allowing the management to stock many vessels on a small piece of land. This method is useful where there is need to minimize operating costs such renting of space to conduct business.

Types of racking systems

Many variations of racking systems exist for warehouse agents to adopt. Your choice should be dependent on the features present in your facility. The free-standing frame is a favorite design common in most warehouses. It features a simple structural design that runs through the entire system. The height of the columns ranges from two to a maximum of five meters. The management can opt to have adjustable shelf heights to aid flexibility of the stands.

Vertical racking

For vertical racking to work, you will need to have strong columns to support the weight of the vessels. It is for this reason that engineers will use steel and metal bars due to their strength and endurance. Steel is preferable because it is not susceptible to rusting and corrosion from weather elements. Galvanizing and painting is another way to minimize wear and tear. A neat system is likely to attract more customers and to lead to a substantial increase in boat sales.

Replacing old systems

It is advisable to take advantage of any innovative designs that arise in the market. Engineers keep coming up with modern construction methods to facilitate storage of modern boats that feature unique design elements, not present old vessels. The renovation process entails up-scaling of storage areas to fit large ships. Introducing portable racks that have wheels which allow smooth movement of the entire structure when the need arises.

Small boat racks

Light vessels such as Jet Ski do not need sophisticated systems of storage. Timber can be relied on to reinforce primary structures in the racking system. An excellent way to save space and resources is to have angled racks for tiny boats. Angling design allows the warehouse manager to fit more jet ski in a small storage space.

Roofing the facility

When dealing with valuable stock such as water-crafts, it is crucial to limit their exposure to environmental hazards. There is always the risk that storms and rain may damage the merchandise especially when the location of the storage facility is near a water body. Roofing ensures that the boats are kept dry and in good saleable condition. However, you should consult with a rack specialist on the cost of installing a good roof.